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"Riveting drama and sensuous prose make for an unforgettable love story." -KIRKUS REVIEWS

"If Satan were to write a novel to promote polygamy, this would be a contender." - a very unhappy Troika reader

A young Cuban woman passes her nights dancing in a seedy Florida strip club; a Russian orphan loses everything, then builds a new and prosperous life for himself in New York; a woman struggles to maintain her dignity and hope after a life-changing accident—these are the three members of the troika whose story is told in this acclaimed literary debut. 

Their lives unexpectedly intertwined, Perla, Julian and Sophie discover a world—a way of life—that forces them to challenge their definitions of commitment, love and trust, a world that heals old wounds and inspires them to transform tragedy into beauty.

An electrifying read. Pelzman plunges us deep into the lives of his characters, makes us feel their joys and sorrows on a visceral level, and beautifully renders the mysteries of love.
New York Times bestselling
author of Turn of Mind
I. Love. This. Book. It’s fucking fantastic. Poignant, painful, impeccably realized, and ultimately joyful. I am so grateful to Adam Pelzman for creating this gem of a world.
A Cuban stripper and a Russian orphan: Adam Pelzman mixes them up and produces a wicked, sexy and ultimately life-affirming cocktail.
— SIMON DOONAN, author of
What a great gallop through the landscape of the human heart, what a brilliant, astonishing modern love story, what a beautiful pair of heroines... what a ride to a complex and satisfying redemption, what a glorious testimony to the way damage can become a lovely destiny, what a book!

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I was born in Seattle and raised in New Jersey and New York. In college I was a Russian studies major, mainly because I had aspirations of being a spy, but also because I wanted to read Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Akhmatova, Chekhov and the other greats. I didn’t pursue a career in espionage (no surprise there), but I did end up reading a lot of fantastic Russian books. I’ve lived in New York City for most of my life and have worked as a private equity investor, a lawyer and a private investigator. Over the course of many years, I’d written five crappy novels and one self-indulgent memoir – all of which were too awful to be published. But through a stroke of good fortune, the publishing gods at last smiled upon me, and my debut novel Troika was published by Penguin Random House in 2014. The book garnered praise from Kirkus (a starred review) and from independent booksellers (Troika made the IndieNext List of best new fiction), but sold a grand total of about nineteen copies – sixteen of which were purchased by my parents and are now used as doorstops. As a result of the book’s tepid sales, I spiraled into the abyss of creative self-doubt and have only recently resurfaced – bruised and bemused – with a new novel that, given Troika's obscurity, will require the support of some brave editor if it is to see the light of day.



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