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"Riveting drama and sensuous prose make for an unforgettable love story." -KIRKUS REVIEWS

"If Satan were to write a novel to promote polygamy, this would be a contender." - a very unhappy Troika reader

A young Cuban woman passes her nights dancing in a seedy Florida strip club; a Russian orphan loses everything, then builds a new and prosperous life for himself in New York; a woman struggles to maintain her dignity and hope after a life-changing accident—these are the three members of the troika whose story is told in this acclaimed literary debut. 

Their lives unexpectedly intertwined, Perla, Julian and Sophie discover a world—a way of life—that forces them to challenge their definitions of commitment, love and trust, a world that heals old wounds and inspires them to transform tragedy into beauty.

Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam

An electrifying read. Pelzman plunges us deep into the lives of his characters, makes us feel their joys and sorrows on a visceral level, and beautifully renders the mysteries of love.
New York Times bestselling
author of Turn of Mind
I. Love. This. Book. It’s fucking fantastic. Poignant, painful, impeccably realized, and ultimately joyful. I am so grateful to Adam Pelzman for creating this gem of a world.
A Cuban stripper and a Russian orphan: Adam Pelzman mixes them up and produces a wicked, sexy and ultimately life-affirming cocktail.
— SIMON DOONAN, author of
What a great gallop through the landscape of the human heart, what a brilliant, astonishing modern love story, what a beautiful pair of heroines... what a ride to a complex and satisfying redemption, what a glorious testimony to the way damage can become a lovely destiny, what a book!


Bobby Walser’s tragic childhood has left him a man frozen in time and mired in a world of his own making—one that has little in common with reality. Genteel and old-fashioned, his manners and habits are more suited to an aristocrat from a Chekhov play than to a young man on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Haunted by his failure to live up to the legacy of his great father, Walser’s sense of ineffectuality is compounded when he suffers a series of deflating professional setbacks. He’s baffled by the people around him, and his only solace is the hope of a romance—conducted via handwritten letters—with a mysterious woman who may not even exist.

As his despair with twenty-first century life reaches a breaking point, Walser bristles at a newly constructed sculpture that represents everything he loathes about these times. Realizing that he has more to care about—and fight for—outside himself, he marches toward a final showdown with this towering symbol of oppressive technology.


Jackson Heights Press

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Born:    47.606209, -122.332071

Raised: 40.864821, -74.258203

Favorite Place as a Child: 40.923710, -74.510712

Studies: русская литература, юриспруденция

Home:  10th Congressional District of New York

"Art, at those moments when it feels most like art - when we feel most alive, most alert, most triumphant - is less like a cocktail party than a tank full of sharks." - One of a thousand great lines from John Gardner's The Art of Fiction.

"One day you'll look back on this and laugh...or not." - On dealing with adversity, cherished advice from my wise but warped grandmother.





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